Jaspreet’s first book called ‘The Tech Whisperer’ on digital transformation and the technologies enabling it, is being published by Penguin Random House, and will be released later this year.

Digital Transformation is among the top priorities of traditional businesses worldwide. Whatever be the sector they are operating in – from food to pharma, auto to banks , healthcare to hospitality – large and small companies are looking to transform themselves into nimbler, faster, digitally-enabled technology companies. Digital transformation is as much about the ‘transformation’ part, as it is about the ’digital’ part. It is about incubating new business models, transforming customer experience and, most importantly, radically changing mindsets and culture. The book details these out with case studies and examples from the author’s own experience and successful digital transformations in other companies globally. This transformation is powered by emerging digital technologies which are going to fundamentally change our world – AI, blockchain, Big Data, Industry 4.0 technologies. The book describes the philosophy behind these technologies, how they have been and can be applied to transform our businesses (and often our world), and the conflicts that are inevitable as thy take hold.

The book attempts to describe these complex, and sometimes technical, topics in an informal, story-telling format, which makes the book readable and even fun. It represents a practitioners view, rather than an academic or consulting view, and so is more practical and approachable.