Advisory and Consulting

Every company, irrespective of sector, needs to become a technology company.

Digital Matters by Jaspreet Bindra is a specialized advisory firm on digital transformation and emerging technologies that helps your company achieve that

There are many consulting companies you can go to for help, but if you want a practitioners advise and help, from someone who has been there – done that, someone who believes in doing along with advising while simultaneously building your capability and culture, then the door you should knock is of Digital Matters by Jaspreet Bindra.

Digital Matters by Jaspreet Bindra rests on three differentiating pillars:

  1. Do digital transformation the way a practitioner would– build products and PoCs, not only presentations
  2. Focus on business models, customer experience and people as the core 
  3. Build capabilities, organisation and culture alongside, so that you do not miss us when we are gone

In his 24 years career with the Mahindra Group (where he was the Chief Digital Officer equivalent), Microsoft, the Tata Administrative Services and tech entrepreneurship, Jaspreet has been driving technology businesses and digital transformations across financial services, agriculture, auto and manufacturing, hospitality, software and real estate. He approaches digital transformation from a business perspective, using emerging technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, RPA, etc. as powerful tools.

In his world view, digital transformation is as much about ‘transformation’ as it is about ‘digital’. His Ten Rules of Digital Transformation™ and The Holy Trinity of Digital Transformation™ frameworks are widely used and quoted across industry.

Jaspreet orchestrates your digital transformation using his experience and expertise, a web of partners, and leverages your internal teams.